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Shanghai Disney Resort – Premier Access

Shanghai Disney Resort — Premier Access

UX & Product Design, Visual Design - 2017
Designing a brand new product for a brand new market


The newest Disneyland, Shanghai Disney Resort, opened Spring 2016. And as expected, the park has been packed ever since. From experience and research, we were certain that one way to enhance Guest experience was to allow Guests to reserve a spot in attraction lines to skip the wait, traditionally known as FastPass. So here we were, designing a brand new products for a brand new market based on the foundations we have designed and tested before.

Disclaimer: Internal process and materials are a sensitive subject at Disney, so in order to respect that, I only share the final product below.

Our challenge.

By now, we had two successful variations of digital FastPass under our belts, but for Shanghai we had a very different business model as well as a brand new market. The challenge was to learn about the Asian culture and deeply study Guests’ “Disneyland-going” behavior, while recognizing all the new business requirements and edge cases.

My role.

As the “acting lead” senior visual designer on this project, I partnered up with the lead interaction designer, to lead our visual and interaction design team from ideation to final delivery of this product. Additionally, we collaborated very closely with our product management teams here in the US as well Shanghai to look at all scenarios and edge cases to design the best Guest experience. Here is a list of my responsibilities: Ideation and conceptual development, stakeholder presentations, visual design, usability testing and iteration, leading visual design specs delivery to the development teams, and checking the quality and accuracy of the developed product.

Final design — Reserve & return at anytime.

This project entailed two main products: Digital FastPass, which worked similar to its Disneyland counterpart, and Disney Premier Access (DPA), the new challenge we had to solve. DPA is a priority access to certain attractions which allows Guests to ride such attractions at anytime of the day without having to stand in line.

Step by step flow.

To design this flow, we went to the whiteboard and started ideating on how we could borrow the foundational interaction patterns we have already developed for digital FastPass at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, while applying the new business requirements, and ultimately design a new product that is consistent with other similar products from a visual and interaction point of view. The result was a step-by-step flow with a consistent human logic with the previous FastPass flows. 

  • First, Guests select what kind of DPA they want to purchase: DPA Set, which is a value price for all the DPA attractions, or DPA for an individual attraction. In case any if an attraction is out of DPAs, or is under construction, Guests are notified with an in-line messaging.

  • Second, Guests group the party who is going on the attractions together. 

  • Once everything is confirmed, Guests continue on AliBaba to finalize their payment.

  • Lately, Guests can check out their DPAs, along with other plans in their “My Plans.”

Through less than 5 steps, Guests can guarantee riding their favorite attractions at any time of the day without having to stand in line, by simply scanning their phones at the attraction entrance.

Overview of purchasing a Disney Premier Access for an individual attraction, TRON Lightcycle Power Run

Overview of purchasing a Disney Premier Access for an individual attraction, TRON Lightcycle Power Run

My learnings. 

Context. Context. Context. I have heard this many times before, but this project taught me how the cultural and geographical context play a role in shaping a product. How we had to learn the culture and iterate on our design to make sure in would translate to Shanghai Guests was such a valuable lesson, which I will apply to any project I will be working on.

Other designers on this project: Nicholas Brill, Sarah Burley, Callie Tepper and Kevin Bauer