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Walt Disney World – FastPass+

Disney — Walt Disney World FastPass+

UX & Product Design, Visual Design - 2015
Simplifying the complexity of booking a FastPass+ and everything that comes with it


FastPass+ is one of the best features offered at Walt Disney World. Prior or during their visit to Disney World, Guests can reserve access for a specific attraction for a specific time and day and skip the standby queue. This service has been offered on the park’s website, mobile app as well as in-park interactive kiosks; however, the existing experience of booking a FastPass+ was difficult to understand, confusing to navigate, inconsistent across the three platforms, and took away Guests’ control of which attractions they were able to reserve.

Disclaimer: Internal process and materials are a sensitive subject at Disney, so in order to respect that, I only share the final product below.

Our challenge.

So, our team was tasked to redesign and simply the process of booking and modifying a FastPass+ selection on the website, mobile app and in-park kiosks in a consistent way, given that there were 70 attractions across 4 parks, and dozens of possible use cases that Guests could encounter when reserving them. 

My role.

As the visual designer on this project, I partnered up with the lead interaction designer, lead visual designer, and the interaction designer while collaborating closely with our product management counterparts to design a seamless Guest-centric experience. Here is a list of my responsibilities; Ideation and conceptual development, stakeholder presentations, visual design, usability testing and iteration, visual design specs delivery to the development team, and checking the quality and accuracy of the developed product.

Final design — An holistic experience.


Step by step flow.

Our goal was to make the booking experience as seamless as the experience of getting on an attraction with FastPass+: easy and free of hassle. So we broke down the booking flow to a few simple human steps.

  • First step, “who is going?”

  • Once the party is selected, the focus turns to the date of the visit, followed by the park they planned to hop to.

  • Now it was time to take the fun step and pick the attraction to ride”. We listed the attractions with a time selection control, which gave our Guests the flexibility to fit the time that best fit their schedule.

  • Once the FastPass was reserved, Guests can continue booking other FastPasses or just finalize their selection and view their plans.

Getting started on booking a FastPass and adding additional selections.

Consistent Interactions.

The same logic applies to when Guests want to modify their selections: first pick the party you want to modify, then change the attraction and time!
As this user flow was a new model, we did multiple usability testings with Guests at Walt Disney World and iterated based on the feedback we received. We observed every single test, took notes and made thoughtful modifications to our design and validated such decision in additional rounds of testing.

My learnings. 

Designing FastPass+ product was a success as we received many positive feedbacks from our Guests as well as witnessing a great increase in successful bookings overall. Designing such complex product with all the requirements and used-cases taught me the importance of considering the edge cases and not just focusing on the happy path.

Other designers on this project: Nicholas Brill, April Huerta, Wes Lebsack, Ben Painter, Yafete Yamuru, and Yona d'Angelo.